Pitch 30+

Homeowners At Once

Close more deals than ever with Solar Seminars

Solar Seminars

The Done-For-You solar seminars allow you to focus on what you do best,
advising homeowners on popular solar solutions:

With our solar seminar solutions, we:

"My first seminar had 34 attendees, I closed 13 installs in a 60-minute period.

The large audience eliminated the high-pressure sales environment that's associated with knocking.

The prospects were excited with the new information and we closed business. "

Jason Santiago - Florida

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How It Works

1. Planning

Let’s chat about seminar best practices and
select a venue for your event.

2. Approval

We finalize the venue location, date/times,
marketing, and invoicing.

3. Event Time!

Your event is here, time to educate and close business!

4. Post-Event Call

Let’s review the campaign, discuss the metrics,
and measure the campaign's success.

5. Automated Marketing Drip

We automatically enroll prospects into a 12-week email drip sequence customized to match your business.

Highest Converting

Solar Sales Strategy

Imagine pitching 30+ homeowners at once, could you sell them? 

Over 30+ Homeowners

Unlike knocking doors, homeowners sign up to hear your solar solution in a comfortable setting.

10x Contract Conversions

Our seminar hosts average 10x the amount of signed contracts than door knocking.

High Return-On-Investment

No more commissions or referral fees. Market, present, and convert.

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